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Stockport County Supporters' Cooperative are searching for a replacement Independent Secretary.  Could you help fill the void Caz Burt will leave?

For anyone interested, any questions can be directed to 

Why is this role available?

By the time of the 2023 AGM in November (20 November) the current Secretary will have been in post for 9 years. It’s time for a rest!


When is this role available?

As soon as you like! The plan is for the new incumbent to shadow for the first couple of meetings before taking over. The current secretary be on hand for any help / advice and will obviously help organise the AGM.


What is involved?

The job description is as follows:

Key Tasks:

  • Ensure the Co-op membership to the Football Supporters’ Association is up to date.

  • Attend all Board meetings (one per month – each one lasts for 90 minutes max).

  • Liaise with Chair to arrange meetings.

  • Prepare agendas in conjunction with the Chair and take minutes from Board meetings.

  • Organise the AGM, including elections to the Board.

  • Send the annual financial report to Financial Conduct Authority.    


Skills required:

  • An understanding of the Trust movement and the aims and objectives of the Trust.

  • Management skills.

  • Administrative skills.

  • Well organised and conscientious.

  • Have tact and discretion

  • Communication skills

  • Be methodical and reliable

  • Be able to maintain confidentiality

  • Be able to react to opportunities and make decisions


Responsible to:

  • The membership of the Co-op.

  • The Co-op Board.



Is training available?

Online training courses are available, free of charge, from the Football Supporters Association.


For anyone interested, any questions can be directed to 

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