Who's who

1. Peter Towey- Chair.JPG

Peter Towey -   Chair

Peter is Chair of the Co-operative board and is the key point of contact with the club. A life-long County fan, and can be found in his spiritual home of the Cheadle End Upper Tier


Elected until: Dec 2023

Also known as: Fundi 

3. Caroline Burt- Ind Secy..JPG

Caroline Burt - Independent Secretary

Caroline is the independent secretary and is responsible for ensuring all meetings run smoothly, elections and the board members obey the rules.

Also known as: Cazbo

6. John Giles- Events and Fundraising Of

John Giles   - Vice Chair

The mastermind behind the half-marathon and many other events, John has been a driving force in boosting the guardian account alongside his busy work commitments.

Elected until: Dec 2021

Also known as: Red Hatter

Hedgegrower 007.jpg

Ian Brown - Communications & Media

Our tireless Communications Officer is responsible for all our communications with members and supporter, our output in the press, running the cabin at the Cheadle End. Can always be spotted with camera in hand providing excellent reports on events and matches.

Elected until: Dec 2021

Also known as: Hedgegrower

Emma Mannion 2 _edited.jpg

Emma Mannion - Fund Raising


Emma was elected to the board in November 2019 for a 3 year period and brings a welcome blast of fresh ideas to the board.

Elected until: Dec 2022

5. Damian Beaumont- Membership Secy`.JPG

Damian Beaumont - Membership

Damian's key responsibility is the management of the membership system and promotion. He can be found in the lower tier of the Cheadle End.

Elected until: Dec 2022

Also known as: Sliding Billy

Andy Burt.jpg

 Andy Burt - Treasurer

Elected for a second 3 year term in Nov 2020, Andy works hard to ensure our finances are in good order !

Elected until: Dec 2023

Katye Ebbage(1).JPG

Katye Ebbage - Fund Raising

Katye was elected to the board in November 2019 for a 2 year period . Katye`s lively mind a welcome asset for the board.

Elected until: Dec 2021

Matthew White.jpg

Matthew White - 

Matthew White has secured a one-year tenure with the Board until the AGM in 2022. 


Matty has been going to County for over 40 years, and after living for 13 years in Rio de Janeiro thinks that Stockport is the best place in the world to live and County a massive part of that.

A long-standing supporter of the Supporters Co-op, he thinks it is absolutely crucial that the Co-op provides fans with a strong voice and holds the club to account with the disasters that have unfolded at Bury and Macclesfield in mind being convinced that County is too precious to lose, and a strong Co-op is essential to ensure that this never happens.

Matty brings much to the Cooperative table including sound knowledge of the workings of voluntary organisations through his long association with Offerton CC that he and his fellow
volunteers, saved from disappearing altogether transforming it into the success story it is today.

12. Paul Thompson- Coopted Media..JPG

Paul Thompson  - Co-opted Member

The technical wizard behind the Co-op. Paul has been co-opted to ensure our systems run smoothly.

Simon Dawson.jpg

 Simon Dawson - 

Simon Dawson secured a 3 year Board tenure (until the AGM 2024) and has followed County since he was ten getting involved at the Club initially via a work placement scheme, the former Supporters Club and then Stockport County Supporters FC which he was involved with setting up.  Simon still runs the SCSFC in the Stockport District Sunday League thirty years later.

He has enjoyed numerous roles within the club on match days, including working in the shop, security, fitting in 3 seasons as Vernon Bear, culminating in a cameo appearance in the Blossoms video ‘Where are Blossoms’.

Simon was County`s Commercial Manager from July 2015 until August 2020- a role he fulfilled with conspicuous success, and he brings much to the Cooperative`s table!